Terms and Conditions for work seekers

Between Echo Personnel Ltd (Hereinafter called the “Agency”) and You

Echo Personnel are operating as an Employment Business.

  1. Temporary workers are engaged under a contract of services, the terms of which are set out below and apply to each and every assignment.The agency agrees to offer the temporary worker opportunities to work in various positions such as General Production, or Warehousing where there is a suitable assignment with a hirer (hereinafter called the client) requiring such worker.
  2. The agency reserve the right to offer any assignment to such temporary workers as it may elect where that assignment is suitable to several workers.
  3. The agency shall pay to the temporary worker remuneration of at least the National Minimum Hourly rate for each hour worked to be paid weekly in arrears, subject to deduction for the purpose of National Insurance, PAyE, or any other purpose for which the agency is required by law to make deductions. Furthermore, the agency is responsible for transmitting these deductions to the relevant bodies. your holiday pay will be accrued at 12.07% of your standard working hours. you are entitled to 28 days per annum to include Bank Holidays.
    • a)The agency agrees to pay the temporary worker for hours worked whether the Agency is paid by the hirer or not.
  4. The temporary worker is under no obligation to accept an offer of an assignment, but if he/she does so, he/she shall at all times comply with the following conditions:
    • a) Not to engage in any conduct detrimental to the agency or its clients.
    • b) To be present during the times or for the total number of hours during each day/week as may be agreed.
    • c) To take all responsible steps to ensure his/her safety and the safety of any other persons who maybe affected by his/her actions at work.
    • d) To comply with any disciplinary rules or obligations in force at the premises where services are performed to the extent to which they are reasonably applicable.
    • e) To comply with all reasonable instruction and requests within the scope of the agreed service made either by the agency or the client.
    • 5. T here is no obligation by the agency to provide the temporary worker any number of hours in any day or week.
    • 6. T he agency may terminate the Temporary Workers assignment at any time without prior notice or liability. In addition, a Temporary Worker may terminate an Assignment at any time without prior notice or liability.
    • 7. The agency may instruct a temporary worker to end an assignment at any time.
    • 8. T he agency and the temporary worker agree that the nature of temporary work is such that there may be periods between assignments where no work is available.

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