Superb event panned for Corby this June, lets hope it can go ahead!

The date for one of Corby’s most anticipated events has been revealed and it will be a double celebration bank holiday bonanza for the residents of the town.

Corby Pole Fair 2022, a tradition that takes place every 20 years, has been added to the town’s social calendar on Friday, June 3, 2022 – the second day of the four-day weekend to celebrate Her Majesty The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

This date links the original granting of the Royal Charter to Corby by Queen Elizabeth I in 1568 with the bank holiday weekend making it an extra special occasion as Made With Many, a community-led arts programme which produces events and activities, co-ordinates the Pole.

he unique tradition comes around every 20 years, with the last Pole Fair last taking place in May 2002 on the Charter Field in Corby Old Village, attracting crowds of 30,000 to enjoy outdoor attractions, entertainment and of course, the reading of the Royal Charter at the three entrances to the village.

Pole Fairs in the past have used Corby’s Viking past to establish a traditional punishment of ‘riding the stang’ – men who had committed minor offences were carried astride an ash pole or ‘stang’ through the village and having insults or missiles thrown at them.

Corby’s Royal Charter was granted in 1568 by Elizabeth I. The Royal Charter contained six rights and is believed to have been granted by Elizabeth I for one of two reasons – in return for personal services to Sir Christopher Hatton, her favourite courtier or as a thank you to the men of Corby for rescuing her when she fell off her horse in Rockingham Forest.

God Save The King! Corby Pole Fair 1902

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