Month: September 2020

New High Street Kettering office opens this week

We are opening our new office in Kettering this week.  With demands for staff Echo required a more central position in town and are looking forward to moving in.

If you have friends or family looking to work please ask them to contact 01536 485555.

New Office address:

69 Gold Street


Echo Kickstart approved comapany


Echo Personnel are now acting for local business

to access the Kickstart Scheme.  If your a local business looking for information on how you can apply please email our MD

Echo Supports NHS new campaign

Echo have sponsored the new NHS campaign to fly over Northamptonshire towns as part of their marketing recently.

Echo supports the landmark Kick-Start scheme

Echo will be supporting the governments kick start scheme to help find young people jobs.  Over the next 2 months we are looking to launch this program with local companies throughout Northamptonshire.  We will be announcing the roll out shortly.

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