Healthcare Full Registration

Healthcare Full Registration

Part 1: Name & Contact Details

Part 2: Personal Details

Post Code
If unsure please click here
Right to Work
For more information about the EU Settlement Scheme please click here
Note: You'll need to bring these with you when you attend your interview at the branch (we do not accept a Pay/Wage slip).
This is not to and from your place of work
We're asking as we offer referral incentives
GP Address
GP Address
Post Code

Medical Questionaire
Do you currently have or have had in the past any of the following….

(Typhiod, cholera, dysentery)
Any other conditions you would like to make us aware of

Note: If you were unemployed during any period please select "unemployed" from the "Employment Type" below and add in the dates

Part 2.1: Employment History

Part 2.2: References

2 references are part of the mandatory requirements please provide as much information as you can
Preferably not mobile
Preferably not mobile
Request Referrences
Echo personnel may request references before the point of your interview

Part 2.3: Covid 19

Please refer to the governments operational guidance by clicking here if you want any further information
Have you had a covid 19 vaccination?
Please Confirm which Vaccine
How Many have you had?

Part 3: DBS

Important: The post you have applied for is exempted under the rehabilitation of offender’s act 1974 therefore, any offences, spent, unspent or pending, must be disclosed as full enhanced DBS check will be mandatory to the post therefor any criminal convictions will be viewable.
Have you ever been Convicted, Cautioned, Reprimanded by the police or detained at her majesties pleasure?
Top right - click for help
If you're unsure please check here.
As part of your DBS disclosure you will need to bring with you one document of identification, such as a passport or driving licence. One document that verifies your proof of address, which can be a utility bill, bank or credit card statement or driving licence (provided it shows your current address and has not been used as the ID.)
DBS Check Service
A member of the team will discuss this with you further

Part 4: Work Details

If you're unsure please Check here
If you're unsure please Check here
Please choose your availability from the options below
Please choose your preferred shifts from the options below
12 Hour Shifts
6 Hour Shifts
Please select the certificates you have
If not we'll provide details in confirmation email
Please select the certificates you have
Have you completed any additional relevant training?
Please select the sector of healthcare you would like to work in

Part 5: Declarations

Working time Directive
For more information click here
Declaration of Truth
Terms and Conditions
These can be provided in branch if you prefer

Part 6: Bank Details

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